Lynne T. Conte, PhD College Essay Writing Help

                                                                                                                                                                                       Priscilla Corynne Conte

Conte's Networking Communications is a Global Entertainment Management business with a team of educated professionals who have passion for talented individuals in music, film scoring producing industry.  Dr. Lynne T. Conte offers services in the entertainment business and professional world of organization and management, and specializes in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research.

Business ower, Dr. Lynne T. Conte, invested in her beautiful daughter's acting & modeling experiences at Barbizon School of Modeling, Boston, MA, and has attended many fashion modeling workshops and seminars in Massachusetts before  branching out to Northern California to attended film financing workshops in San Francisco. 

Dr. Lynne T. Conte learned behind the scenes of professional photographers in NYC and California as an unknown model, and in Boston, MA, again, with her daughter Priscilla Corynne Conte whose photographer was (one) of Grammy Award Winning rapper and actor Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cents photographers in Boston, MA, USA.

Lynne T. Conte, PhD Credentials Include:

Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management, with Specialization in Management Education
Post-Master's Certificate in College Teaching
Master of Science in Education, with Specialization in Professional Studies in Education
Bachelor of Science in Management, with emphasis in Music Business
Associate of Arts in Journalism

Dr. Lynne T. Conte offers Dissertation Support, Essay Writing Help, as well as College Admissions Essay Writing Help.