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Conte's Networking Communication is a Global Entertainment Management company who researches Organization and Management Theories and  organizational change to provide innovative quality and personalized management services. 

Dr. Lynne T. Conte (business owner), understands the arts of public relations (PR) through today's social media to help promote not only Conte's Networking Communications, but to offer promotional, educational, and managerial services to those who want to excel as a learning organization. 

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Dr. Lynne T. Conte’s Teaching Philosophy

The higher education environment has become a very important part of my life and therefore I studied adult learning theory, curriculum development, and different teaching techniques, as well as the history and philosophy of education.

With the passion that I have for the higher education environment in Management and Organization theories, and through my studies (e.g., pedagogy to andragogy) at a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy levels, I have acquired many skills from curriculum development to teaching adults and knowing how different adults learn.

My goal and 100 percent efforts as a doctor of philosophy in organization and management disciplines and research is being a successful educator; one who understands the individual student’s learning needs for what is needed to know in succeeding outside the classroom.  

With that said, I use many teaching methods to accommodate adult learners’ through coaching and personal model methods.  By this, I am creative in creating a learning and motivated environment to encourage students toward the success in their educational goals. 

I continue as a lifelong learner and scholar-practitioner writer to studied every aspect of the business world from agile project management, strategic management to human resources management and have great knowledge in qualitative, quantitative, and advance mixed-methods research.

My Doctor of Philosophy is Organization and Management, with specialization in Management Education research dissertation focus was a correlational study to gain further knowledge on how organizational learning theory explains the relationship between trust in management and organizational learning in service businesses in the United States.  I performed a non-experimental, exploratory, quantitative research.

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My ambition is to continuously research what content is needed to improve in each courseroom curriculum in management education to meet the adult learners’ needs attributed to change and innovation in the business world.  

Through critical thinking and decision making competencies, as well as through various classroom assessments, researching and analyzing areas for improvement is critical in facilitating students in meeting their academic and professional expectations.

Overall, communication, research, and applying different teaching techniques are my key factors to improve and facilitate adult students with their learning expectations.